The Elderwoman Website is just one of a growing number of online resources for women in the second half of life. Here is a selection of links that I hope you will find useful and interesting.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, author of Goddesses in Older Women (a must-read book for all elderwomen) and Crones Don't Whine, has a web site which links women of all ages, all over the world through the Million Circles project. www.jeanshinodabolen.com

Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of White Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance
runs wisewoman workshops. See her web site at

The late Angeles Arrien, author of The Nine Muses, The Four-Fold Way, Signs of Life and The Tarot Handbook has produced tapes about the aging process and a new book entitled The Second Half of Life. Check out her web site at www.angelesarrien.com

Jane Clitheroe is a workshop leader, photographer and 'clutter consultant'. She lives and works at  Coburns Farm in Somerset, England, where she offers a peaceful and beautiful space for art, crafts, workshops, women's retreats, and a year-long training in 'hearth eldership' based on Marian's book Elderwoman.


Crones Counsel - third age women from all over the USA and elsewhere, who gather together once a year, usually in the autumn, to share stories, dance, sing, drum and learn, and to honour and celebrate old age. www.cronescounsel.org

'Crone, Wise Woman, Elder' - a website created especially for women of mid-life and beyond. Has comprehensive reading lists, lots of interesting links to explore, and a chat room too.

Birthing the Crone
'Menopause & Aging through an Artist's Eyes'
'The Beauty of Old'
Visit artist Helen Redman's wonderful website 

at www.birthingthecrone.com

I love Sandra Stanton's site 'THE GODDESS IN WORLD MYTHOLOGY.' Sandra has painted every goddess you could think of and posted all the paintings on her site, each accompanied by a full explanation. What an opus! What I especially love about her images is that she uses live models for all of them. So these are real, living, breathing women, not stylized 'beauties.' And that is so very appropriate. For what is so different about the Goddess is that we don't worship her - we embody her and live her.
You will find Sandra's home page at:www.goddessmyths.com

Women of Wisdom is an internationally recognized organization that provides diverse and innovative programs offering women opportunities for personal growth and transformation, including an annual conference on women’s spirituality held each February in Seattle, Washington.

A group of elderly women who call themselves 'The Great Council of Grandmothers' appeared to Sharon McErlane one day as she was walking her dog.
"The present imbalance of energy on earth has placed all life in danger," the women declared. "It is time to return balance, and for this, women must lead."
Meet Sharon and hear, through her, the words of the Grandmothers, at

Crone Chronicles magazine - the first magazine specifically for crones - is no longer being printed, but the website gets better and better. It is now more of an 'e-zine.' All the previous issues are archived, and there are some good links to other elderwoman sites.

... the crone has taken rebirth in the form of a whole new magazine!!

'Crone: Women Coming of Age'  explores the gifts and concerns of women who seek fully to embrace Earth’s cycles of life and death and transformation. We honor the wisdom of long experience and the compassion of an open heart.

Our readers are women who identify with a new, yet very ancient way of growing older and who wish to help effect a cultural change that will return wise elders to their natural and honored place in society.
Whereas the purpose of Crone Chronicles was to help activate the Crone archetype within contemporary culture, Crone magazine assumes that this activation has taken place. For more and more women, the word 'crone' is no longer scary: thousands of women now self-identify as crones.

'Crone: Women Coming of Age' is published twice a year. It is packed with wonderful content every elderwoman will love. Go to http://www.cronemagazine.com/ for full details and to subscribe.

Would you like to meet an unusual and wonderfully 'green' elderwoman from Adelaide, South Australia ?
Go to Margaret Rainbow Web's site at

Exploring what we think, know and imagine about growing old in the 21st Century. AGING HORIZONS BULLETIN reports from Canada on current research, and highlights people, best practices and resources from around the world that inform and inspire.
Visit www.AgingHorizons.com
Click here to read the 'Aging Horizons' interview with Marian.

UnconventionalWoman.com:   a free resource website for women over 50.  Especially for single women, and for the single woman in all of us. . . .  Not the woman who's looking for love, but the one who's looking for her  LIFE

Music from Australia
The inimitable, one and only Anique Radiant Heart
sings songs of the Goddess in a voice that truly was made in Heaven. Check out her website at: www.herwill.net

"A 'Moon Diary' might be the perfect gift for a woman you know. www.moondiary.com.au
Moon Diary Products bring you the world of Lunar Lore, Moon Stories of many cultures and ideas for simple but powerful ritual. These are tools for the journey that come from the wellspring of the Feminine Soul, encouraging sensory awareness, pleasure and celebration of Feminine spirituality.
Through this site you can also journey into the world of the rich traditions of Women's Performance Art as well as have your Natal Moon sign and phase calculated and interpreted."

'Moonsong' - an Australian website about women's mysteries


Moonsong is a website for women in all phases of their lives and is about reclaiming feminine power through reconnection with the women's mysteries. Featured are articles and books written by Jane Hardwicke Collings, a homebirth midwife of nearly three decades, on birth, life seasons, midwifery and the cycles.  Jane facilitates workshops, teaching the spiritual practice of menstruation and the shamanic dimensions of pregnancy and birth. She is founder and midwife of The School of Shamanic Midwifery. Read Jane’s article “Evolution of the Triple Goddess: Introducing Maga our Autumn life season after Mother and before Crone” at http://www.moonsong.com.au/fourphase.html


'Wisdom of the Crone': A Deck Of 54 Wisdom Cards

Each card bears a unique image of women between the ages of fifty and one hundred.  www.wisdomofthecrone.com
'Wisdom of the Crone' is the perfect gift for women in all passages of life, while especially honoring the seasoned women, women in menopause and all grandmothers. This unique gift celebrates the goddess within while honoring all female spiritual paths. This simple set of wisdom cards by and for wise women allows women to be guided and inspired daily.
"When you seek the truth, ask a wise woman."

Ann Quinlan and Frederica Chapman ask: "Where do you go for retreat and renewal? What place do you chose for that unique, previously undiscovered experience? Let us bring you to the lush green land of Ireland, where we will witness, explore, encircle, sing, journal, and receive the nurturance that Ireland and our group will offer...."
If you have ever fancied a Celtic journey, in the company of a small group of women, led by experienced and deeply spiritual guides, check out Ann and Frederica's luscious website at www.spiraljourneys.com

SeniorMatch.com - "The premium dating site for senior friends and singles"

Best Senior Dating Sites is dedicated to providing practical information about safety, security, and avoiding scams when seniors use an online dating site. They are focused on the goal of educating seniors about the dangers of using an online dating site, in addition to its benefits.

'The Eldership Project', based in south Devon, England, is for both women and men. It aims to foster positive and creative attitudes to the later years of life and to develop the theory and practice of eldership in society. For further details, click on www.eldership.net

As the population ages, there is an ever-increasing need for professionals in various fields who understand the needs of old people. For anyone looking to do an MA in gerontology, Lilly Henderson has created a great resource website that describes all such courses available in the USA. http://www.mastersingerontology.com/

'Fifty and Furthermore'  www.fiftyandfurthermore.com
"A site for anyone who believes that growing older is a time for passionate living and that the years ahead, though they may call us to new paths, can be the best ones yet."

"As you enter into the vast territory where you are called middle aged or mature, you are looking for ways to reclaim the value of age, rejoice in your wisdom, and turn around the negative stereotypes that are so common in this youth oriented society. At this stage of your life, there is an instinctive desire to redefine yourself and discover how you want to spend the best years of your life."

Are you 
a 'baby boomer?'

If you are one of the vast cohort of 'baby boom' women, here's a website just for you ...



'Age of Contentment' (from an art card by Katherine Rapp - http://www.studiorapp.com/artcards.html)

A 'must-read' for every woman of forty and over, is The Watercolor Bedroom by Daphne Stevens "....a delightful, personal, nurturing peek into one woman's journey of creating a life that fits for her - a truly comforting, wise Grandmother God life. A blend of A Room of One's Own and The Woman's Comfort Book" Daphne's website is: www.daphnestevens.com

Carolyn Heilbrun's book The Last Gift of Time: Life Beyond Sixty, is a
lovely, autobiographical account of the changes - some subtle, some not so subtle - that one woman experienced as she moved beyond her sixtieth birthday.

Barbara Walker's classic study of the crone throughout history
THE CRONE: Woman of Age, Wisdom and Power, makes fascinating - if disturbing - reading. I think it should be compulsory reading for every mature woman.

A great book on becoming a wise elder (male OR female) is Rabbi Schachter Shalomi's From Aging to Sage-ing
"Older adults have unique opportunities and freedoms because of their age. The later adult years can be a time of profound liberation, inner growth, and spiritual development. Elders can be wisdom-keepers, mentors, agents of evolution and healers of the planet."
Click here for more info on 'positive aging' programs.  

You may also be interested in:
The Sage-ing Guild
This is a networking organization for professionals trained in the Sage-ing philosophy. Members of the Guild lead discussions, classes and workshops designed for persons interested in aging consciously and with purpose. http://www.sage-ingguild.org:80/

Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying 
A wonderful, thoughtful book by the funny, wise, irrepressible, and much-loved spiritual teacher, Ram Dass, who suffered a stroke in 1997. Reviewer Sam Keen writes:
"Back then, when we were young and easy, Ram Dass taught us to be fully present to our lives. Here and now we're not as young and it's not so easy and he's still teaching us how to age with courage and compassion."

I found Alan Chinen's In the Ever After: Fairy Tales and the Second Half of Life very interesting. It has a Jungian perspective, using fairy tales from all over the world to illustrate the special, psychological tasks of aging.
Wise Woman's Way Wise Woman's Way:A Guide to Growing Older with Purpose and Passion by Berta Parrish. A wonderful workbook for any woman poised at the threshold of her 'third age' and wondering how to step through it in a meaningful and graceful fashion. A book that shows how to make the very most of this important time of transition.
More details on Berta's Web page - http://www.wisewomansquest.com/

Aging Artfully

Whether you call it healthy aging, creative aging, aging gracefully, successful aging or just plain aging well, the women artists in Amy Gorman's book, Aging Artfully: 12 Profiles of Visual and Performing Women Artists 85-105, which (usually) includes a CD by Frances Kandl entitled, 7 songs of Women’s Lives, and Greg Young’s accompanying DVD, Still Kicking, (Click here to watch the trailer) are exemplary role models for all of us. 

The Art of Aging: Celebrating the Authentic Aging Self 
An art/inspirational book published June 2009, Sentient Publications. Artwork and written material by Alice and Richard Matzkin.

Alice and Richard are both inspired artists living on Ojai, California. Their loving and tender depictions of old age, in both painting and sculpture, are stunning in their beauty and impact. Visit their website at http://matzkinstudio.com to see pictures and videos of Richard and Alice and their wonderful work.

The Next Fifty Years:  A Guide for Women at Midlife and Beyond, by Pamela Blair  http://www.pamblair.com/books.htm
More than 150 short essays on a broad range of topics that are of particular interest and importance to women as they age.  Some of the essays deal with serious issues, others are meant to be entertaining and lighthearted.  As you read, you may laugh, you may cry, but most importantly you will realize that you are not alone.  Each essay is followed by questions with space to write in your reactions, feelings and/or what actions you might need to take.  

Harvest the Bounty of Your Career by Deborah F Windrum, is  a unique guide for the inner journey often precipitated in the second half of life as a result of career transition, life change, or simply the process of becoming “ageful.”
The book’s central tree metaphor is exquisitely translated into original art by Michele Renée Ledoux. The book features 19 full-color, full-page works of art, a soft cover, lay-flat binding, and a back cover flap that includes a beautiful tear-off bookmark. The 7” x 8” format of the book imparts a personal and intimate feel. Click here for details and to buy a copy of this beautiful volume for yourself or anyone facing 'retirement'.



Check out this wonderful and comprehensive, UK-based resource site for "pausing" women.
 "Fly with it, featherbed yourself or float through it - it's your future!"

This hot fiery video, by Kathleen Loughlin, is dedicated to the proposition that women love to watch and listen to other women like themselves grapple with ideas about the B I G things that happen to us around the time of M E N O P A U S E because they can then continue the process themselves... www.womanonfire.net

Alexandra Pope, author of :
The Wild Genie:The Healing Power of Menstruation
runs workshops for women, both in Australia and in the UK, on the wisdom of menstruation. Through her workshops, women learn to reclaim the menstrual cycle as a psychospiritual process for cultivating deep authority and wisdom. Read more about Alexandra and her work at www.wildgenie.com

Miscellaneous Internet resources for personal and spiritual growth
Self-Growth.com SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

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