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"Transformation Through Menopause ... is by far the most wise and thought provoking book on menopause that I have ever read.
It is must reading for every woman who dares to meet the challenges of menopause fully and consciously"
 - Christiane Northrup M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
"I loved this book, and will use it in my work with midlife women"
- Sadja Greenwood, M.D., Author of Menopause Naturally, Assistant Clinical Professor,
Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Sciences, University of California

"In this refreshing book, McCain presents cultural, historical, and psychosocial aspects of menstruation and menopause, seeing it as a rite of passage. Her view reflects research and clinical and personal experience. She sees menopause as an opportunity for growth and richness, with its own significance to women's lives. Beautifully written, this is the only book that talks about menopause without reference to hormone therapy. Very insightful with a holistic approach, this is a must companion for every women in menopause." - Library Journal

" heirloom quality book honoring the pathways of women...a spiralling dance around the birth of the crone...Explore this book and use the opportunity to imagine, explore, expand and celebrate the richness of our lives"
- The Library Letter, May/June 1993

paperback 192pp
Greenwood Press, 1991

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"In the abundance of excellent books on menopause, this one is outstanding......the whole tone of this book is loving, startling, evocative, and ultimately healing"
Freestone Innerprizes, Utah, 1993

"Considered mandatory reading by many, this timeless book does not deal with the physical changes and physiologic effects associated with menopause, but rather works through issues such as self-image and empowerment."
- North American Menopause Society

"..I came to see that menopause was a call to pay attention -- to my body, to being a woman, and to my whole life -past, present and future. That I found any permission or encouragement to pause and consider all this, I have to credit Marian Van Eyk McCain in her book, Transformation Through Menopause. Cocoon, withdraw, remember, reassess, she says..."  
- Kathleen Laughlin, maker of the documentary film Woman on Fire: Menopause Stories (see 'Links & Resources' Page)

"If there is one aspect of menopause that has been inadequately explored, it is the profound emotional and spiritual changes which this transition often -- not always -- works in the lives of women. This is one book which virtually ignores the physiological and medical perspectives in order to focus on changes grounded in the lived experience of real women.
McCain highlights our society's preoccupation with the images of the virgin and mother and its wilful and ignorant dismissal of the crone, the older woman no longer possessed by man, whose wisdom is devalued and discounted. According to McCain, it is in the acceptance of crone-hood that the transition of menopause finds its completion.
The accession to crone-hood is not easy: It involves surrender, surrender to the need for the solitary, the contemplative, the repose. It also comprises the lull or limbo of the "cotton-headed" thinker, the desire for sleep, the working through of the multiple strands which make up the experience of menopause -- loss of fertility, redefinition of sexuality, reawakening of spirituality -- and acceptance of the infinite variety of the experiences of women, our fellow sojourners.
This is a book which will be passed on from woman to woman because it puts into words what is only rarely or painfully articulated. It provides rich meanings for menopause for me and my contemporaries. Highly recommended. "  - A Friend Indeed (Vol IX, No.7) has an extract from this book available:
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