Marian Van Eyk McCain. BSW (Melbourne), MA, East-West Psychology (C.I.I.S. San Francisco) writes on a number of subjects, including 'Wellness,' stress-management, psychology, personal development, women's health, green spirituality, conscious, 'zestful' ageing, environmental issues, organic food production, 'slow travel' and alternative technology.

Born in 1936, she has sun in Cancer, moon Aquarius, Sag. rising. Enneagram #1 (2 wing) and Myers-Briggs INFJ. She is the author of Transformation through Menopause (NY Bergin & Garvey, 1991) Elderwoman ( Findhorn Press, 2002) and The Lilypad List: 7 steps to the simple life (Findhorn Press 2004). In 2010 she edited what has been hailed as the definitive book on green spirituality, GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness (Earth Books, 2010). She has also written two books in the John Hunt Publishing 'Made Easy' series: 'Downshifting Made Easy: How to prepare for your planet-friendly future (Earth Books, 2011) and Self-Therapy Made Easy (Psyche Books, 2012). and is currently overseeing the production of a series of ebooks for GreenSpirit (a registered UK charity).

Marian's articles appear in a wide range of magazines. She edits The Elderwoman Newsletter, is Co-Editor of the GreenSpirit Magazine, and a columnist for 'Crone' magazine. She is also a book reviewer and wrote the 'Books in Brief' column for Resurgence magazine for many years.
And she blogs, albeit not as frequently as she would like to. Her 'Elderwomanblog' is attracting an increasing number of regular readers.

Marian also enjoys writing fiction. Her first collection of short stories was published in 2006 under the title Apricot Harvest and her first novel The Bird Menders appeared in 2009

Originally a social worker, and then for many years a transpersonal psychotherapist, workshop leader and health educator, Marian now concentrates on writing, editing and environmental activism. She helped to create the Wholesome Food Association and also started a women's group and a writer's circle in her local area. She grows organic vegetables, goes for long walks, reads a lot, does a lot of exploring in various parts of southern Europe and loves to dance.

Marian has lived and worked on three continents but now spends most of her time in a tiny, eighteenth century cottage near the sea in Devon, England with her partner, Sky, where she lives a very simple lifestyle and practises everything she preaches (...well, tries to, anyway).

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