Marian Van Eyk McCain. BSW (Melbourne), MA, East-West Psychology(C.I.I.S. San Francisco) is an author and a free-lance writer with publishing credits in a wide range of subjects. These include:

wellness,   stress-management,   psychology,   psychotherapy,   personal development, women's health and spirituality,   aging,   ecofeminist philosophy,   Deep Ecology, environmental politics,  green spirituality, voluntary simplicity,  organic food production and alternative technology.

She welcomes assignments for non-fiction articles of any length, essays, op-ed pieces and book reviews. She is also happy to discuss ideas for regular columns.

Editors invariably praise her style, clean copy, attention to detail, adherence to deadlines and all round co-operativeness.


1. Books (non-fiction) - see also
Transformation through Menopause (Bergin & Garvey, 1991)
Elderwoman: reap the wisdom, feel the power, embrace the joy
(Findhorn Press, 2002)
The Lilypad List: 7 steps to the simple life (Findhorn Press, 2004)
GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness (as Editor) (Earth Books, 2010
Downshifting Made Easy (Earth Books 2011)
Self-Therapy Made Easy (Psyche Books, 2012)

2. Books (fiction)
Apricot Harvest  (self-published story collection, 2006)
Waiting a While for Greeneyes Leaf Books story series, 2006
The Bird Menders  - a novel. Bean Terrace Books, 2009 (also available as an e-book)

3. Contributions to other books and anthologies
'Woman on the Mountain' in
Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series - Menopause

The Baptism' in 
Cup of Comfort for Writers
(due for publication 2007)

'Cooking with the Sun' in
Earth Garden Guide to Alternative Energy
4. Non-fiction articles
These have appeared in:

Feminist/Women's journals: Pandora (Aus), Crone Chronicles (USA) Buffalo Women's        Vision (USA)

"New Age" print magazines, e-zines and newspapers: Insight (Aus), Living Now (Aus),           New Times (USA), Avalon (UK) Namaste (UK)

Lifestyle/cultural magazines: Resurgence (UK), Amicus Journal (UK), Troika (USA)

Spiritual magazines: GreenSpirit (UK)

Seniors magazine: Senior Moments (UK)

Environmental journals: Ecos (UK), Climbing River (Aus)

Self-sufficiency/simplicity publications: Earth Garden (Aus) Living Green (UK)
Rural magazines: Smallholder (UK) Country Smallholding (UK)

Local magazines and newspapers: Hartland Times, Wharf Magazine, Connect(UK) Malvern News Sheet (Aus)
5. Regular Columns
 'Grandmother's Footprint' column - Living Now (discontinued)
 'Books in Brief' book review column for Resurgence (UK) (discontinued)
'Eco-Crone' column in Crone Magazine
6. Short Stories
 Stories have been published in:
Short story collections, e.g. World Wide Writers (UK)
 General & local magazines, e.g. The Wharf Review (UK)
 Writing samples - click on the links below to read examples of Marian's work

Book excerpt - The Other Side of the Mountain

Links to some articles online:

"TRUE BARGAINS" A review of ISEC (International Society for Ecology & Culture) publication Bringing the Food Economy Home Published in Resurgence

Published in Resurgence

 "LOOKING WHERE WE ARE GOING: releasing the fear of getting old"
Published in Alternatives Magazine

Published in Alternatives Magazine


Published in GreenSpirit Journal

NB: Marian also publishes the quarterly e-zine 'The Elderwoman Newsletter' and is Co-Editor of GreenSpirit Magazine. Basic Author  
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