Marian Van Eyk McCain
author of two important books for mature women:
'Transformation through Menopause'
'ELDERWOMAN: A handbook for the later-life journey

plus three other books
'The Lilypad List:7 steps to the simple life'
'Downshifting Made Easy'
'Self-Therapy Made Easy'

and two works of fiction.

Marian is also the editor of
 'GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness'
'the definitive guide to green spirituality'

Here you will find ...
A meeting place for women of age, maturity and wisdom.
A source of inspiration for women in - or about to enter - their 'Third Age'  
A node in a vast, international network of wise women, spanning the globe
A forum for discussion - a place to voice your thoughts on aging and "sage-ing"
An advertisement for the simple life - a rediscovery of the sacred in the ordinary
An oasis on the spiritual journey  

Here, you can read about Marian and her books, buy books, discover ways to share your own ideas on what it means to be an elderwoman and follow links to other interesting web sites from the 'Links & Resources' page.
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The Occasional Elderwoman Newsletter 
Marian has a free, electronic newsletter, with articles, poetry, and things of interest to elderwomen, world-wide. It is published once or twice a year. You will see when one of these comes out if you subscribe to Marian's blog (see the button below).

We elderwomen also have our own private Facebook group
It's called 'Elderwomanspace'
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Click here to go to Marian's 'Lilypad List' site, with resources for green and simple living.

Click here to read Marian's article 'Old Gray and Proud of it'

 MENOPAUSAL? (Or getting close)
Click here to read Marian's article 'The Getting of Wings.' (And the button below links to another relevant piece entitled 'The Other Side of the Mountain.')
Check out the 'other books' tab (below) to watch videos of Marian
talking about her 'green' books. 

CLICK HERE to listen to a podcast of Marian
talking to interviewer Joanna Harcourt-Smith
about ageing, simplicity and green spirituality.

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